Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Danitrio Zodiac: Year of the Dog

This is my second Danitrio pen. It is a rather large pen, not quite as long as the Densho, but bigger in girth. Even so, it is very comfortable to write with.

I'm honestly not sure what came over me, but I was at my desk one day when I was struck with the sudden urge to visit Kevin Cheng, eBay site [his website is; on eBay he is OperaDoc]

The following is from Kevin's original listing:

"...brand new and unused, Danitrio Chinese Zodiac "Dog" Maki-e Fountain Pen With 18kt FINE Nib.  This pen is made by Maki-e artist, Mr. Shunpei Kadode, and is signed by him with his red seal.  Danitrio made very few pens in this Zodiac series, and are getting harder to find.  The pen is all done by hand with traditional maki-e techniques.  The theme is based on the Chinese Zodiac signs and if you are born in the year of 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, then Dog is your sign.  Unlike Western Zodiacs, Chinese Zodiacs go by years. 

The execution of the theme is exquisite and the polished mirror finish black urushi feels quite nice in the hands.  It is truly amazing what the artist can do with the urushi lacquer medium.  You will not see one coming up for auction often, so time to add this pen to your collection. 

The pen is a cartridge converter filler and will come with converter, microfiber cloth for cleaning and box and papers.  This is not a small pen, it is about the size of Montblanc 149 and measures in at 5.8" capped, and 5.1" from tip of the nib to end of barrel.

The pen measures 5.6" closed; 5.2" from tip of the nib to end of barrel."

Anyone who knows me, will know immediately why I had to have this's the Akitas, of course. It would have been even more appropriate if The Dog was my sign, but alas, I was born in the year of The Rat.

No matter, I am very much enjoying using this pen, but I think that I blew my 2013 pen budget all in January.

Kevin was kind enough to swap out the fine nib that came on this pen for a Fine/Flex. It's not as reponsive as the XF/Flex on my Densho but it's a very nice nib and it is very smooth.


phonelady said...

Hi there remember me ? your long lost child of the fun loving fountain pens you sent me some at one time and now I have a heavier one and I love it , but even so it is acting up now . well anyways that is a great pen I love it . take care dear .

Azizah Asgarali said...

Beautiful. I was waiting for this post so I could see all the lovely pictures! It is quite attractive! Hey. Don't you know it's dangerous to browse pen sites??

By the way, that's a gorgeous nib. I love the work on it.

Trece said...

I totally get why you had to have it. Still and all, you like a MUCH finer nib than I. I need to find a source for a nib for my blue Estie.
I think I owe you a letter!

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